Palmar Hyperhidrosis

If you have ever shaken hands with someone suffering from palmar hyperhidrosis and have felt uncomfortable, imagine how the sufferer feels. Simply put, it is an excess of sweating that occurs in the palms of the hand. One of the medical treatments against excessive sweating is the application of botox. To have more knowledge of medicine you can access the following page ensemble-cest-tous.


When I hear or read the word botox I also put on a funny face. There has been talk so much about botox and the paralyzing effect of the muscle to which they inject butolinic toxin, which is not surprising. I have been gathering information to be able to clarify some important points.


It is a medical treatment and it is important to take it into account before letting someone who is not a specialist in the subject inject botox into your skin. Because it’s about that: they are botox injections in the palms of the hand.


What is the treatment

Prior to the treatment itself, you must visit the doctor if there are any contraindications such as muscle problems, incompatibility with any medication and (in case any woman is reading) pregnancy.


They are injections applied with a very fine needle in the superficial part of the skin, they assure that the pain is minimal. You will feel the prick where they have practiced it and little else. I imagine that nothing compared to a session of piercing: motivation can give you the necessary courage.


In a single session all injections are applied and can last between 20-40 minutes. That you know that it is a treatment that also serves for the problems of hyperhidrosis in the armpits and feet. The treatment can be done at any time of the year.


What does botox do in this treatment

As we sometimes talk about cosmetic-effect botox, I think it is important that we clarify that here we talk about botox. This famous butolinic toxin produces a temporary blockage of the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands, thus blocking the release of sweat.

Most Polluting Countries In The World

Environmental pollution is a global problem. Every day we see more and more signs of deterioration in our ecosystem, the waters are less pure, the air we breathe is heavier and dirty and natural phenomena seem increasingly aggressive and difficult to control. When you live in a very polluted country you have to be more concerned about your health because you have more chances of developing respiratory diseases or cancer you can access this page to be more informed about new magicchicago medicine


Global warming is a reality, and although it can not be said that everything is the fault of human action, the negative effects of industrialization are undeniable. It is expected, then, that the countries that pollute the most are also the most industrialized. Do you know which ones they are?


The 10 most polluting countries

Thanks to a study carried out by the Energy Information Agency of the US Department of Energy, the scientists were able to compile a list that orders countries according to their impact on air pollution in the atmosphere based on their dioxide emissions. of carbon.


The most polluting country, according to the Department of Energy, is China with the emission of 6018 million tons of polluting gases per year. The United States follows closely with more than 5800 million tons of greenhouse gases annually. Despite being better positioned than China, the United States is the country that consumes more oil, with 18,690,000 barrels of oil per day.

The third country on the list is Russia, well below the emissions of China and the United States, with approximately 1700 million annually. Then follow India, with almost 1300 million and Japan with 1200.


Germany is the sixth most polluting country in the world, and the first in Europe. Its annual emissions are well below the first countries on the list, but they are still too high for the European Union’s objectives. Germany promised to reduce 5% of its 858 million tons of annual emissions to meet those targets.

The last four countries in the top ten are Canada, the United Kingdom, South Korea and Iran. Each of them contributes respectively 614, 586, 514 and 471 million tons of greenhouse gases per year. If we do a little math, we quickly notice that the first two countries on the list have more than double the remaining eight countries grouped together. Awesome, do not you think?


Countries That Pollute The Most

The United States, China and Japan lead the list of countries that pollute the world the most by oil consumption. When you want to be always with the news in the area of health you can access this page fearameer and more if you are a person who lives in a very polluted city you are more likely to have heart disease.

Each year, humanity generates more than 10,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) by using this energetic fossil, according to the latest data available from the Energy Information Administration (EIA), and the United States brings together almost 20% of annual emissions globally.

And what’s wrong with this chemical compound? Although it is essential for the development of living beings, CO2 emissions cause 4.3 million deaths each year, while air pollution triggers 3.7 million deaths, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

The cost of climate change for direct damage to health (excluding sectors such as agriculture, water and sanitation) ranges between 2,000 and 4,000 million dollars.

In addition, CO2 represents 65% of greenhouse gases from fossil fuels and industrial processes, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Although contemporary life can not be explained without the oil and comforts that have derived from this energy-from cars to heating-there is a consequence that triggers global warnings: global warming.

Some countries are more responsible for climate change than whole continents. A sample button: while Africa in total generates 508 tons of CO2 on average, Japan emits 548 tons.

Meanwhile, the United Nations has set itself the goal of keeping the global temperature below 2 degrees Celsius.

In November last year, the UN’s highest ranking official on climate change, Christiana Figueres, explained that 168 countries have already submitted their proposals, and noted that if they were fully implemented, temperatures would not increase by 4 or 5 projected degrees. However, Figueres added that even then the result would not reach the goal of keeping the temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius.

“This is probably the most difficult task that we have been entrusted with, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model for the first time in human history,” Figueres told a press conference.


How To Care For Newborn Puppies?

Since birth the puppies should be in a quiet place away from the other furry members of the family, the place you choose must be free of drafts and if possible they sleep in a dog bed with his mother avoiding the cold from the floor, you can put them in a cardboard box with many old sheets or towels. It is ideal that the place where the canines stay will be kept clean, in this article we will teach you how to care for newborn puppies with or without a mother. For more information on human health, because to take care of animals you have to be healthy first, visit this important health page dentalinfluencers.

Caring for newborn puppies with mother
Caring for puppies is not an easy task, but these steps will help you do it right from the start. In the first weeks they are totally dependent on the mother because they are born deaf and blind, so it stimulates them with their tongues so that they do their physiological needs and eat all their waste, the puppies are guided by perceiving the heat of the mother to feed and They sleep most of the day. Approximately after 15 days they open their eyes, so from the third week they can see and listen and they may start to take steps.

When they reach a month of age their curiosity is aroused, they will begin to bite objects and they can already be easily supported, so it is most likely that they follow the mother everywhere wanting to feed.

You can induce them to the new food, soak the croquettes preferably with water and give them in the form of porridge.

Separate them little by little from the mother to facilitate weaning, you can do it by placing them with her at night and separate them when you wake up in the morning and then put them back with her at noon and again at night in order to avoid hurting the mother with her teeth. When all your teeth have gone out you can start to also place dry croquettes to get used to this type of food.

Dogs should be dewormed once they have been weaned. One and a half months must be completely independent of the mother and be eating dry croquettes, so because of this it is necessary to have clean and fresh water at your fingertips.

Caring for newborn puppies without a mother
Unfortunately you can present the case in which the puppies do not have their mother either because an accident occurred, she rejected the puppies or simply because you rescued them without her. If they are newborns it is difficult but not impossible to help them.


Take Natural Juices

Every day you expose yourself to a lot of toxins and bacteria that make you sick without realizing it, so why consume juices and healthy foods a month or two? It is very important to be well informed about health issues, for your sake and that of your family, you need advice on these issues you can visit this website thisisnotaball.

You finally started taking care of yourself, but does your routine prevent you from consuming all the leaves, vegetables and fruits in your diet?

A good option to eat the nutritional equivalent of those portions and take advantage of all the nutrients is to take juices made with Hurom, the best cold extractor in the world.

Hurom technology, the best cold press in the world, does not generate heat and keeps the enzymes of the ingredients alive, this prevents your juices from being oxidized and you can have it for hours in refrigeration if you want to prepare your juices at night and take them the next morning.

The juices, without risking your health, are a good alternative for:

control your weight

remove liquids

fill you with energy


But now you have another question: how long should you drink natural juices?

Every day you expose yourself to a lot of toxins and bacteria that make you sick without realizing it and you need a lot of nutrients and enzymes to cleanse all the harmful effects to which you are exposed. So why consume juices and healthy foods a month or two?

Jugotherapy is an option that you can adopt as a lifestyle and not just as a temporary diet.

In addition to helping you lose weight, natural juices with vegetables help you regenerate, strengthen and rebuild body cells; They have more benefits than you imagine. However, it is important that you complement it with other foods as they do not substitute any of your main meals. A good diet is characterized by having a balanced diet that includes carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins, minerals and water.

Ideally, take between 2 and 4 glasses of vegetable juice a day (depending on the ingredients), and eat the same amount of fruits and vegetables to regulate blood sugar levels. Start by combining in your juice extractor, ingredients with which you are more familiar as cucumber, celery, spinach, apple or strawberries. Once you start tasting flavors, you will be amazed at the endless possibilities you will have to combine.

We recommend changing the ingredients of your juices every time, since some foods can have side effects to your body if you consume them excessively, you can take some juices during the week and rest on weekends or replace them with others, the idea is that you try different juices, depending on the benefits you want to obtain.


Pet Reptile

Reptiles are quiet animals but require special care for their survival. They need an adequate temperature, good nutrition, lighting, humidity and exercise. They are characterized by being relatively silent and by not expelling odors that are unpleasant for the owner. clear that before acquiring any of these creatures you must go to a veterinarian or a pediatrician who approves that you have this type of pets if you have small children. If you love your children you have to be very well informed about health issues, for that some websites can help you a lot as oncrehab.


There are different domestic reptiles:


Gecko: It is a small lizard of approximately 10 centimeters

Iguana: It needs a wide space. It feeds on insects and vegetables

Snake: It is one of the most common pets. There are many sizes and colors

Water turtle: It is easy to care for and lives for many years

The chameleon: It requires a special habitat to give it specific care

It is very important to take into account the size of the animal so that the owner knows how to take care of it and handle it easily. It is also essential to know what type of reptile is the most appropriate depending on the space and the setting of the home where you will live.


In 2014 the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Sciences conducted a study that revealed that 80% of exotic reptiles were sick or injured as a result of poor care in their homes. Since they suffered from stress, poor diet and lack of hygiene.


Therefore, the specific requirements must be met so that the reptile can live the decades it deserves, because if this is not respected it could last with life for about a year.


Reptiles are sold in pet stores, internet, markets and specialized fairs, however, it is forbidden for animals such as the chameleon or iguana to be commercialized without the necessary permits.


It is essential to have the appropriate care so that it is not harmful to both the owner and the reptile

Denunciation in One!

Reptiles are sold in pet stores, internet, markets and specialized fairs.

They are characterized by being relatively silent.


Coexistence Dog And Children

Most children love dogs. They are adorable, soft, cuddly and very friendly. But did you know that growing up next to a dog can benefit a child’s physical and psychological development? If your concern is your family and your children it is best that you visit this page dedicated to health and inform yourself of the new advances of medicine in skypulsemedia.

Here we show you some benefits that the canine company can bring to the children of the house, and some breeds that may interest us.


Consistent companionship: Childhood and adolescence is not always a simple stage for our children, so having a pet helps them feel always accompanied and loved during their high and low emotional. Dogs can be a great source of comfort for children, even when they encounter a difficult life lesson, a dog is always there to comfort and give their unconditional support. Whenever children feel sad, angry or scared, they can go to their pet and find in it a haven of affection and constant peace. It is proven that petting and pampering dogs helps to reduce stress and helps people relax.

A more active lifestyle: Caring for a dog means having more daily activity than we would have otherwise. You have to take it three times a day to walk and play with it, which means a lot of movement. In fact, a recent study shows that children with dogs exercise at least 11 minutes a day more than their friends who do not own any pets. It may sound a little, but after a week or a month, it really shows. Those adorable doggie eyes will motivate you, sure, to play with him whether or not you are in the mood for it. 

Learn to be responsible: Having a pet is a great way to teach children the concept of responsibility. Ensuring that the family dog always has the water it needs or food in its bowl makes children always have a responsibility to take care of and a constant obligation. In addition, children learn concepts such as empathy and compassion through caring for their pet, as they will care about it, while developing a higher level of self-esteem by being able to take care of their dog’s needs by themselves.

Health: Recent studies show that babies who are raised in contact with a pet get sick less frequently in their first year of life, which means fewer visits to the doctor and less spending on medicines, so that health also implies an improvement of the economy in some aspect.


How much do you pay for a rent in Beijing?

According to a recent report published by the E-house Institute China R & D in Shanghai, the average income of Beijing in relation to income is 58 percent, followed by Shenzhen with 54 percent, while Sanya and Shanghai figure 48 percent. What stops most people from moving out of the country is the poor health they have and they can not live without their family because they depend on them, so before you move you should be very sure that your health is perfect and better informed , this website can help you hadleytrump.


This reality has generated bitter debates. Many find it hard to believe that renting an apartment erodes the salary of an average individual, while others remember that this problem is no longer news in China. The most rational understand that it is the logical result of the high housing costs suffered by the big cities of the world.


Yan Yuejin, director of the China R & D E-house Institute in Shanghai, said that non-salary income or any delivery to the employee that is outside his base salary, such as health insurance, is not included in the calculation of average income – average income, which makes the rental cost seem higher.


Despite this analysis, renting in Beijing is increasingly expensive for young people who want to live the capital’s dream.


Helena Javitte “I’m not looking for a place to sleep, I’m looking for a vital space,” said Javitte.


For three months, she visited about 30 apartments before finding the right one.


Often, her friends are amazed by what she pays for a rent. The apartment is part of a building built in the 1990s. And although it has two rooms, Javitte wants to convert one of them into a living room.


She is not surprised that residents in Beijing have to invest 58 percent of their salary in renting an apartment. What does catch your attention is that some of your friends who earn 20,000 renmimbi per month ($ 3,001), do not pay more than 4,000 renmimbi for their rent. According to Javitte, they only want to have a place to spend the night, while others focus more on finding good flats and good roommates.


“I do not spend much time at home, so when I arrive, what I really need is to feel good and enjoy a cozy atmosphere,” Javitte confesses. In addition to her full-time job, Javitte runs French Lab, a community for young French professionals living in Beijing.


“There are many newcomers who expect to find a cheap rental, I do not expect any of that,” he adds.


According to her, a decent apartment like those in Dongzhimen, an area that is between Gulou and Sanlitun and one of the favorites of foreign residents, is rented for 8,000 renmimbi per month.


When he arrived in Beijing, Javitte chose to share a three-bedroom apartment in Shuangjing, Chaoyang district, with two other foreigners.


“Back then, what I needed was to make friends,” he recalls.

Breast Cancer In Women Living Near Industrial Areas

Is it possible that living near certain polluting industries increases my mother’s risk of cancer? A recent study by the Center for Biomedical Research in Epidemiology and Public Health Network (CIBERESP), at the National Epidemiology Center of the Carlos III Health Institute, has just revealed a significant relationship between the number of breast cancer cases detected in women and the proximity between your home and several areas of industrial facilities. If what you most want most of all is that your family is well the most important is that you are well informed of medical issues this page fahmylab will help you to apply your knowledge in medicine.

The research, recently published in the journal Environmental Pollution, sought possible statistical parallels between certain air pollutants, certain types of industry and the number of cases of breast cancer that were detected among women living in the vicinity of those plants, between one and three kilometers around.


This type of cancer is the most frequent malignant tumor among women worldwide and some risk factors are well known: for example, it is estimated that genetics, family history, age, or the proportion of mammograms in a given population can explain between 50 and 60% of detected cases. However, this leaves a wide margin for other possible risks, among which the possible responsibility for contamination is sought.


In this study, 452 cases of breast cancer were analyzed and compared with data from 1511 healthy women in the vicinity of 116 industries in ten very localized geographic areas of Asturias, Barcelona, Cantabria, Girona, Gipuzkoa, Huelva, León, Madrid , Navarre and Valencia.


The result detected a significant excess in the risk of suffering breast cancer among those women who lived in the vicinity of any of the industrial plants analyzed, but it was especially prominent in the case of organic chemistry industries, factories of the food industry, companies of ceramics, farms that use organic solvents and companies that treat plastic and metal surfaces.



Specifically, the risk of breast cancer increased by 30% in those areas within a radius of three kilometers around the industrial poles.

For contaminants, the industries with which a greater statistical increase in the likelihood of suffering breast cancer was correlated were those farms that released pesticides and dichloromethane, a compound often used as a solvent.


“Residential proximity to industrial facilities that emit toxic substances into the environment could be a potential source of exposure to recognized and suspected carcinogens, and also to endocrine disruptors, substances that alter the endocrine system and have been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer “says Marina Pollán, scientific director of CIBERESP and one of the coordinators of the study


This study joins a series of similar analyzes that has been detected for years, near certain industrial poles throughout the State, possible increased risks of suffering from different types of cancer, such as childhood bone tumors, neuroblastomas, childhood kidney tumors or childhood leukemia. .

Animals As Therapy For Your Health

By caring for your pet you can improve your physical and mental health. You are a person who is always concerned about your health and that of your family you can access this enviro-canada page for renewed information on medical issues.

Did you know that the hormone Oxytocin, which is secreted when the body experiences pleasure, is also secreted when a pet and its owner experience positive interactions with each other?

The stronger the link between the person and their pet, the greater the possibility that the person secretes this hormone, creating states of happiness and health.

It is proven that by having a close relationship with your pet and interacting with it regularly, a series of benefits appear in your life. For example, petting a pet for approximately 10 minutes or more can quickly alleviate daily stress and lower your blood pressure. Your pet’s company can also improve your mental health by avoiding depressions.

Your children will also benefit since several studies indicate that children who have grown up with pets are healthier, those who have lived with dogs or cats in their first year of life, have lower problems of ear infections, respiratory problems, and allergies than children who do not have pets.

Studies show that people who take care of their pets could also be healthier, because when taking them out for walking or running and also actively playing with them, they exercise with a positive impact on their body and mind. In particular, health benefits have been demonstrated by decreasing the rate of cardiovascular problems.

Very specifically, dogs can also help people with certain health problems such as epilepsy and cancer, since certain dogs can be trained to detect these problems before they occur or just when they are starting.

Below we list a series of benefits that could take care of your dogs:


Less diseases

More resistance to allergies

Greater happiness

A healthy heart

More exercise.

More active social life

Decrease in stress

Always remember to keep your pet healthy by giving him the necessary veterinary care. (See note on vaccination and deworming below)


Essential medical care to protect your pet

Did you know that taking care of your pet is taking care of your family? Like a child, your pets need medical care from their first weeks of life. Otherwise they can become infected with possible parasites and diseases that can consequently make your family sick. Therefore, protecting your family means giving your pet good health.

Now, do you know what zoonotic diseases are? They are those that are transmitted from an animal to a human being. It can be any animal, for example: dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, farm animals, wild animals, among others. However, in the case of pets, most zoonotic diseases are usually controllable, having good hygiene habits and controlling internal and external vaccines and parasites.