Advertising in the mailbox: can it still be used?

In all cities, there are shops that use this method to promote their products or services, in fact, many food blogs like jimssteaksphilly mention that the most successful restaurants started advertising in that simple way. The companies of mail are well known for their great reputation in marketing. Barcelona is one of the most intercultural cities in the world, advertising is part of the daily life of every person who crosses any tourist area, there are in abundance. People try to sell their products and services in every corner. However, mailing companies are also well known for their techniques and marketing strategies throughout the city.

How does the mailing work?

The mailbox is used by different companies to attract potential customers. The supermarkets are the entities that most use this advertising technique, they introduce their brochures in the mailboxes of the neighbors of the area. This is one of the advantages that mass advertising cannot provide. An advertisement can never name all the offers of the month, but rather highlight a specific product that may interest some customers. Instead, a offers brochure includes all kinds of products that are in the supermarket. Sooner or later one of them will surely catch someone’s attention. In addition, that the time you have to assimilate the information is different. Mailbox marketing allows you to review the information as much time and times as you want.

Another possibility, highly efficient, is the distribution of samples. Normally small companies can not afford it, but for the multinationals, it does not suppose a great expense and the obtained results normally increase the consumption of the product. Beauty brands are experts in this marketing technique offering samples of creams, shampoo, masks, makeup, etc. This type of products is very delicate because of the impact they have on beauty. That is why many people prefer to try it beforehand to check that it adapts well to their body, skin or hair.

Forgetting the most traditional marketing techniques means losing the benefits of closer and personalized advertising.