Food Allergies With Preservatives

With the arrival of spring the consultation in the allergology service is triggered, is the time in which summer fever occurs, in which ocular and nasal allergies are recorded in a significant number of patients who are currently increasingly , so it is considered a health problem that worsens. If you think that your health is at risk for some food it is better to be well informed about the latest in medicine, the reliable internet pages like tweak99.


The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), urges the population that in case of symptoms such as runny nose, itchy nose and eyes, frequent sneezing, red eyes or fever, go to your family doctor to make a diagnosis and always avoid self-medication.


“If it is not detected early there is a great risk because it is an inflammation of the eye, it is essential to go with your family doctor to corroborate the clinical picture and to derive with the allergist for an integral treatment,” said Humberto Martínez, an allergist assigned to the hospital. General Hospital of Zone (HGZ) 1.


He noted that, “the inheritance gives susceptibility, now has been detected a predisposing that has modified the cases and is due to food, because it has greatly increased the consumption of food with preservatives, an aspect that must be reversed to avoid further aggravations, Well, natural foods are the best. “


By detecting the allergic type of diseases in a timely manner, the specialist gives the treatment as appropriate and those patients who have adequate control can keep the allergy under control, which reduces the risk of affecting their stability and quality of life.


“Before, we had 10 percent of the population with an allergic type problem and now it has increased to 60 and 80 percent, of which only 10 percent are treated in a timely manner and receive adequate treatment,” added the specialist. .


The area of allergology indicates that although according to the calendar, March 21 officially entered spring, for them it was registered from the first day of March, because after that date the cases of allergies increased due to the natural process of pollination.