Pet Reptile

Reptiles are quiet animals but require special care for their survival. They need an adequate temperature, good nutrition, lighting, humidity and exercise. They are characterized by being relatively silent and by not expelling odors that are unpleasant for the owner. clear that before acquiring any of these creatures you must go to a veterinarian or a pediatrician who approves that you have this type of pets if you have small children. If you love your children you have to be very well informed about health issues, for that some websites can help you a lot as oncrehab.


There are different domestic reptiles:


Gecko: It is a small lizard of approximately 10 centimeters

Iguana: It needs a wide space. It feeds on insects and vegetables

Snake: It is one of the most common pets. There are many sizes and colors

Water turtle: It is easy to care for and lives for many years

The chameleon: It requires a special habitat to give it specific care

It is very important to take into account the size of the animal so that the owner knows how to take care of it and handle it easily. It is also essential to know what type of reptile is the most appropriate depending on the space and the setting of the home where you will live.


In 2014 the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Sciences conducted a study that revealed that 80% of exotic reptiles were sick or injured as a result of poor care in their homes. Since they suffered from stress, poor diet and lack of hygiene.


Therefore, the specific requirements must be met so that the reptile can live the decades it deserves, because if this is not respected it could last with life for about a year.


Reptiles are sold in pet stores, internet, markets and specialized fairs, however, it is forbidden for animals such as the chameleon or iguana to be commercialized without the necessary permits.


It is essential to have the appropriate care so that it is not harmful to both the owner and the reptile

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Reptiles are sold in pet stores, internet, markets and specialized fairs.

They are characterized by being relatively silent.