Trees in Playas de Tijuana

TIJUANA.- The change in Playas de Tijuana has become very noticeable due to the increase in insecurity, problems of patching, and wandering of people in the area, lamented the businessman and president of merchants and service providers of the Beaches de Tijuana. If you want to help the protection of trees, your health and yours go to this page for guidance epic-cafe.

He explained that many of the people who now sleep in trees, on roofs or under cars, is because some addicts could not bear the weight of their problems and, bending before them, wander through Tijuana’s beaches aimlessly , causing a bad image that goes hand in hand with attacks on residents.

With the broken stability of peace in Playas, Lagunas asked the mayor to also take into account the program of patching, which has been ignored so far, which becomes increasingly worse by the number of abandoned streets and boulevards that require Attention.

Manifestó to pay a strong property of up to 5 thousand pesos and still do not get a good infrastructure, despite having staff to do so.

“What good is the staff if they do not have tools? For example, they do not have shovels, they do not have wheelbarrows, the public works are on their own,” he condemned.

He mentioned that the parks no longer have the green areas of before, the sprinklers no longer work and therefore, the color of the grass has turned yellow. All the above, together with constant water leaks, which they ask to attend as soon as possible.

“Sincerely, now, we are asking for help, we ask you, in the most attentive way to our mayor, to put interest through their delegations because it is very difficult (…) I need to put something on my part, but the other party has to put the government. “