How To Care For Newborn Puppies?

Since birth the puppies should be in a quiet place away from the other furry members of the family, the place you choose must be free of drafts and if possible they sleep in a dog bed with his mother avoiding the cold from the floor, you can put them in a cardboard box with many old sheets or towels. It is ideal that the place where the canines stay will be kept clean, in this article we will teach you how to care for newborn puppies with or without a mother. For more information on human health, because to take care of animals you have to be healthy first, visit this important health page dentalinfluencers.

Caring for newborn puppies with mother
Caring for puppies is not an easy task, but these steps will help you do it right from the start. In the first weeks they are totally dependent on the mother because they are born deaf and blind, so it stimulates them with their tongues so that they do their physiological needs and eat all their waste, the puppies are guided by perceiving the heat of the mother to feed and They sleep most of the day. Approximately after 15 days they open their eyes, so from the third week they can see and listen and they may start to take steps.

When they reach a month of age their curiosity is aroused, they will begin to bite objects and they can already be easily supported, so it is most likely that they follow the mother everywhere wanting to feed.

You can induce them to the new food, soak the croquettes preferably with water and give them in the form of porridge.

Separate them little by little from the mother to facilitate weaning, you can do it by placing them with her at night and separate them when you wake up in the morning and then put them back with her at noon and again at night in order to avoid hurting the mother with her teeth. When all your teeth have gone out you can start to also place dry croquettes to get used to this type of food.

Dogs should be dewormed once they have been weaned. One and a half months must be completely independent of the mother and be eating dry croquettes, so because of this it is necessary to have clean and fresh water at your fingertips.

Caring for newborn puppies without a mother
Unfortunately you can present the case in which the puppies do not have their mother either because an accident occurred, she rejected the puppies or simply because you rescued them without her. If they are newborns it is difficult but not impossible to help them.