Most Polluting Countries In The World

Environmental pollution is a global problem. Every day we see more and more signs of deterioration in our ecosystem, the waters are less pure, the air we breathe is heavier and dirty and natural phenomena seem increasingly aggressive and difficult to control. When you live in a very polluted country you have to be more concerned about your health because you have more chances of developing respiratory diseases or cancer you can access this page to be more informed about new magicchicago medicine


Global warming is a reality, and although it can not be said that everything is the fault of human action, the negative effects of industrialization are undeniable. It is expected, then, that the countries that pollute the most are also the most industrialized. Do you know which ones they are?


The 10 most polluting countries

Thanks to a study carried out by the Energy Information Agency of the US Department of Energy, the scientists were able to compile a list that orders countries according to their impact on air pollution in the atmosphere based on their dioxide emissions. of carbon.


The most polluting country, according to the Department of Energy, is China with the emission of 6018 million tons of polluting gases per year. The United States follows closely with more than 5800 million tons of greenhouse gases annually. Despite being better positioned than China, the United States is the country that consumes more oil, with 18,690,000 barrels of oil per day.

The third country on the list is Russia, well below the emissions of China and the United States, with approximately 1700 million annually. Then follow India, with almost 1300 million and Japan with 1200.


Germany is the sixth most polluting country in the world, and the first in Europe. Its annual emissions are well below the first countries on the list, but they are still too high for the European Union’s objectives. Germany promised to reduce 5% of its 858 million tons of annual emissions to meet those targets.

The last four countries in the top ten are Canada, the United Kingdom, South Korea and Iran. Each of them contributes respectively 614, 586, 514 and 471 million tons of greenhouse gases per year. If we do a little math, we quickly notice that the first two countries on the list have more than double the remaining eight countries grouped together. Awesome, do not you think?