Take Natural Juices

Every day you expose yourself to a lot of toxins and bacteria that make you sick without realizing it, so why consume juices and healthy foods a month or two? It is very important to be well informed about health issues, for your sake and that of your family, you need advice on these issues you can visit this website thisisnotaball.

You finally started taking care of yourself, but does your routine prevent you from consuming all the leaves, vegetables and fruits in your diet?

A good option to eat the nutritional equivalent of those portions and take advantage of all the nutrients is to take juices made with Hurom, the best cold extractor in the world.

Hurom technology, the best cold press in the world, does not generate heat and keeps the enzymes of the ingredients alive, this prevents your juices from being oxidized and you can have it for hours in refrigeration if you want to prepare your juices at night and take them the next morning.

The juices, without risking your health, are a good alternative for:

control your weight

remove liquids

fill you with energy


But now you have another question: how long should you drink natural juices?

Every day you expose yourself to a lot of toxins and bacteria that make you sick without realizing it and you need a lot of nutrients and enzymes to cleanse all the harmful effects to which you are exposed. So why consume juices and healthy foods a month or two?

Jugotherapy is an option that you can adopt as a lifestyle and not just as a temporary diet.

In addition to helping you lose weight, natural juices with vegetables help you regenerate, strengthen and rebuild body cells; They have more benefits than you imagine. However, it is important that you complement it with other foods as they do not substitute any of your main meals. A good diet is characterized by having a balanced diet that includes carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins, minerals and water.

Ideally, take between 2 and 4 glasses of vegetable juice a day (depending on the ingredients), and eat the same amount of fruits and vegetables to regulate blood sugar levels. Start by combining in your juice extractor, ingredients with which you are more familiar as cucumber, celery, spinach, apple or strawberries. Once you start tasting flavors, you will be amazed at the endless possibilities you will have to combine.

We recommend changing the ingredients of your juices every time, since some foods can have side effects to your body if you consume them excessively, you can take some juices during the week and rest on weekends or replace them with others, the idea is that you try different juices, depending on the benefits you want to obtain.