The greatest danger of self-medication, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), is when bacteria change and become resistant, resistance to antibiotics is a threat to public health. It is very important that when we get sick we avoid antibiotics because after a while of being so much consuming this medicine in your body becomes immune or sometimes you become dependent, Being informed of medical issues is very important because if we do not worry about a small flu we will not know if it can turn into something more serious in the future, you can use many interesting internet sites that will help you increase your medical knowledge, such as robertocostantini.


An important fact that was found after a survey conducted by the WHO in several countries, is that 64% of respondents believe that antibiotics are useful to treat flu and colds.


However, these medications have no effect on flu viruses; They are used to treat infections by bacteria.


Self-medicated antibiotics, a threat to health

In this regard, the Ministry of Health (SSA), calls for strengthening information campaigns to prevent self-medication of antibiotics.


Some risks and effects of self-medication with antibiotics are:


Increases the development of resistant bacteria.

Self-medication has complicated the treatment of pneumonia, gonorrhea and tuberculosis.

It endangers the ability to treat common infectious diseases.

It can make the treatment of diseases impossible.

They are prescribed more frequently and this produces an excess in consumption.

Poverty has been identified as a predisposing factor for self-medication.

The high cost of medicines makes some people self-medicate.

“The increase in antibiotic resistance is a global health crisis and, at present, governments recognize it as one of the main challenges for public health. Everywhere in the world it is reaching dangerously high levels, “said Margaret Chan, WHO Director General.


It is estimated that a health institution wastes up to 11% of antibiotics due to unjustified prescription and for non-compliance with treatments in acute diarrheal diseases and respiratory infections.


Childhood Obesity

Two bacteria, present in the intestine of Mexican children, could be associated with childhood obesity, according to research conducted by scientists from the National Institute of Genomic Medicine (Inmegen) and the Faculty of Chemistry of the National Autonomous University of Mexico ( UNAM). The health of your children is very important to you as a parent, that’s why health information is a matter of urgency for you, we recommend you browse medical information on this website koozeedoo.


The investigation included the analysis of the microorganisms present in a group of 138 children between six and 12 years of age, 67 of them with normal weight and 71 with obesity.


Obesity is a health problem that affects three of every 10 children of school age in Mexico, according to the National Survey of Health and Nutrition of Midway 2016, of the National Institute of Public Health.


After the study, bacterium Bacteroides eggerthii was found to be more abundant in children with obesity and that a still unclassified species of the bacterial family Christensenellaceae had a greater presence in children with normal weight.


Blanca Estela López Contreras, researcher of the Unit of Genomics of Populations Applied to Health, UNAM / Inmegen, that this type of research will help generate dietary recommendations to prevent or treat obesity in children.


In an interview with the information agency of the National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt), he considered that research should continue to know how each bacterium acts in the body and which could be increasing the risk or preventing the onset of obesity.


The researchers asked the parents of 138 children to collect a stool sample in a sterile bottle, with a methodology that minimizes the risk of contaminating the sample with bacteria from the environment.


Once collected, they kept the sample cold until they reached the laboratory, where they took small portions and recovered the genetic material of all the bacteria present in the feces.


The researchers needed a section of the genetic material called 16S ribosomal RNA, which is a fragment of ribonucleic acid from the ribosomes of bacteria.


“Until today we can not say that any bacteria is responsible for obesity or to prevent obesity, we only know that some functions pay for the development of certain problems,” said Lopez Contreras.

Food Allergies With Preservatives

With the arrival of spring the consultation in the allergology service is triggered, is the time in which summer fever occurs, in which ocular and nasal allergies are recorded in a significant number of patients who are currently increasingly , so it is considered a health problem that worsens. If you think that your health is at risk for some food it is better to be well informed about the latest in medicine, the reliable internet pages like tweak99.


The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), urges the population that in case of symptoms such as runny nose, itchy nose and eyes, frequent sneezing, red eyes or fever, go to your family doctor to make a diagnosis and always avoid self-medication.


“If it is not detected early there is a great risk because it is an inflammation of the eye, it is essential to go with your family doctor to corroborate the clinical picture and to derive with the allergist for an integral treatment,” said Humberto Martínez, an allergist assigned to the hospital. General Hospital of Zone (HGZ) 1.


He noted that, “the inheritance gives susceptibility, now has been detected a predisposing that has modified the cases and is due to food, because it has greatly increased the consumption of food with preservatives, an aspect that must be reversed to avoid further aggravations, Well, natural foods are the best. “


By detecting the allergic type of diseases in a timely manner, the specialist gives the treatment as appropriate and those patients who have adequate control can keep the allergy under control, which reduces the risk of affecting their stability and quality of life.


“Before, we had 10 percent of the population with an allergic type problem and now it has increased to 60 and 80 percent, of which only 10 percent are treated in a timely manner and receive adequate treatment,” added the specialist. .


The area of allergology indicates that although according to the calendar, March 21 officially entered spring, for them it was registered from the first day of March, because after that date the cases of allergies increased due to the natural process of pollination.



Strong Winds To Baja California Sur

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur (AP) .- The tropical storm Bud punished with strong winds on Thursday the tip of the Baja California peninsula in Mexico, where the popular resorts of Los Cabos are located, and was about to touch land in the next hours. the storms have not caused many problems in the health of the residents, but if they have had to leave their homes sometimes the only thing we can do is inform ourselves about health issues, so we recommend the following page: practitionerwa

The National Hurricane Center in the United States said the storm’s winds reached the peninsula despite the fact that Bud’s epicenter was still 135 kilometers (85 miles) south-southeast of Cabo San Lucas.

The maximum sustained winds remitted to 75 km per hour (45 miles) in its advance over colder waters, reported the entro, a significant descent of the winds of 210 km / h (130 miles) that showed on Tuesday, when it reached the range of hurricane category 4.

Bud was heading north-northwest at 11 km / h (7 miles) and was weakening, but even so it is forecast to have tropical storm force when it reaches the coast in the next few hours.
The planned route would take the system near Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo, which are popular destinations for national and international travelers and receive millions of visitors a year.

Mexican authorities issued a tropical storm warning for a section of the Baja California coast, from Santa Fe to La Paz.
The state government of Baja California Sur indicated that the ports of Los Cabos would be closed to all vessels from noon on Wednesday, and canceled classes in Los Cabos and La Paz for Thursday and Friday.
The storm could cause dangerous swells during the next few days and bring 2 to 6 centimeters (1 to 3 inches) of rain to southern Baja California and the state of Sonora.

Trees in Playas de Tijuana

TIJUANA.- The change in Playas de Tijuana has become very noticeable due to the increase in insecurity, problems of patching, and wandering of people in the area, lamented the businessman and president of merchants and service providers of the Beaches de Tijuana. If you want to help the protection of trees, your health and yours go to this page for guidance epic-cafe.

He explained that many of the people who now sleep in trees, on roofs or under cars, is because some addicts could not bear the weight of their problems and, bending before them, wander through Tijuana’s beaches aimlessly , causing a bad image that goes hand in hand with attacks on residents.

With the broken stability of peace in Playas, Lagunas asked the mayor to also take into account the program of patching, which has been ignored so far, which becomes increasingly worse by the number of abandoned streets and boulevards that require Attention.

Manifestó to pay a strong property of up to 5 thousand pesos and still do not get a good infrastructure, despite having staff to do so.

“What good is the staff if they do not have tools? For example, they do not have shovels, they do not have wheelbarrows, the public works are on their own,” he condemned.

He mentioned that the parks no longer have the green areas of before, the sprinklers no longer work and therefore, the color of the grass has turned yellow. All the above, together with constant water leaks, which they ask to attend as soon as possible.

“Sincerely, now, we are asking for help, we ask you, in the most attentive way to our mayor, to put interest through their delegations because it is very difficult (…) I need to put something on my part, but the other party has to put the government. “

What would happen if an earthquake occurs in Tijuana?

He commented that the vulnerability and exposure of the area puts many Tijuanenese families at risk, because they have a false sense of security due to the lack of seismic experience. If you want to know more about health go to this wonderful health site, we all know that after an earthquake what worries people the most is their health americasheroes gives good advice on health.

However, the municipality is surrounded by faults capable of generating earthquakes of more than six degrees on the Richter scale, but of very little depth, endangering the integrity of the population.
Added to this, the large number of unstable slopes and ravines, which generate landslides due to human activity, make Tijuana a very vulnerable city.
In this regard, Rosquillas Navarro explained that in the presence of a landslide, people have time to retire from the area; But an earthquake happens in a matter of seconds, decreasing the reaction time for citizens to take shelter.

Last Thursday, September 7, at 23:49 hours, an earthquake measuring 8.2 on the Richter scale shook several states of the Southeast of Mexico.
The epicenter of the phenomenon took place southwest of Tonalá, Chiapas, and left thousands of people affected in Oaxaca, Chiapas and Tabasco, in addition to at least 90 deaths.
A short time later, the population was alerted about the probability of a tsunami in the Pacific Ocean as a result of the telluric movement, but it was discarded by the Secretariat of the Navy, but not before warning about the risk of approaching the coasts due to the fact that waves reached up to 4.8 meters high.

Until midnight on Saturday, the SSN Service registered 846 aftershocks in the Chiapas area.
In the region of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, affected houses were reported and a hill was broken. In Juchitán there were landslides in homes and people trapped in the rubble.
Rosario Robles, secretary of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development of the federal Government, informed in the last hours that the preliminary number of deaths rose from 65 to 90; 71 of them in Oaxaca, 15 in Chiapas and four in Tabasco.

Also, at 9:45 pm on Saturday, the National Seismological Service (SSN) registered an unusual 2.6 magnitude earthquake three kilometers southeast of Tlalpan, in Mexico City.
So far it is unknown if this tremor is related to that of Thursday, but both share the peculiarity that they occurred inside their respective tectonic plates (the one of Cocos in the case of the one registered in front of Chiapas, and the one in North America in the of Mexico City), and not on the borders between plates, where earthquakes usually originate.

Como Tener Exito En Youtube

Si ya abriste tu nuevo canal de youtube es importantísimo que conozcas los siguientes datos, obviamente todos conocemos a los youtubers importantes del momento, Luisito Comunica, Luisito Rey y parece que ahora llamarte luisito es de buena suerte porque solo a ellos les va bien, para ser un youtuber de renombre tienes que cumplir muchos requisitos, a veces no solo se trata del talento con los medios tecnológicos y tener una personalidad inigualable, lamentablemente las personas que mas les va bien en estos medios (no queremos generalizar, pero si prestas ,mucha atencion asi pasa en la mayoría de los caso) los youtubers son, perdon por vacilar en el tema pero es difícil admitirlo… son guapo. Aunque no lo creas tener buena salud es fundamental para tu belleza, cuando haz visto un enfermo guapo? por eso, ve rapidamente a leer estos articulos para que estes pendiente de los asuntos mas novedosos sobre asuntos de salud myfairlady50


Ser bello en esta industria es el 60 por ciento del trabajo, hay que ser honestos con nosotros mismos y reconocer que las personas atractivas son un descanso para los ojos y te transmiten mejores energías que alguien que no lo es, es agradable a la mirada ver a alguien bello, por eso si prestas mucha atención las personas que son hermosas les va muchísimo mejor en cualquier cosa a la que quieran dedicarse. Pero esto no es suficiente si se trata de un medio tan caprichoso como youtube. Hay que tener chispa, toque, emoción, hay muchas bellas modelos que nunca les fue bien cuando intentaron incursionar en el mundo  de youtube porque su personalidad es atrayente pero no lo suficiente.


Esto también es tema de contenido, cuando tu contenido es es pesimo nadie va a interesarle tanto que van a preferir ir a ver los anuncio televisivos que verte a ti hablar tonterías, cada quien tiene su propia manera de perder el tiempo, y el propósito de un youtuber es que el sea la persona con la que tu decidas perder tu tiempo

The Condemn of a clinic for not detecting a breast cancer in time

The Contentious Administrative Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands (TSJC) has condemned the Canary Islands Health Service to compensate 80,000 euros to a woman for not detecting in time the malignant nature of a tumor in her breast, which caused the breast removal. The ruling is firm. Read more about clinics and doctors in the blog of apsc to avoid these situations.

The First Section of the Contentious-Administrative Chamber of the TSJC has partially upheld the appeal filed by a neighbor of Gran Canaria against the judgment of the first instance that on April 6, 2017, sentenced the SCS to compensate with 60,000 euros, when the only liability of the Administration only for the loss of opportunity. The judicial decision completely rejects the appeal of the health administration.

The Court appreciates not only the loss of opportunity that the Court saw at the time but also the infringement of the lex artist (medical malpractice) in the diagnosis of the pathology that caused the loss of the chest – the appropriate medical treatment was not granted. – and increases the compensation from 60,000 to 80,000 euros, for the moral damages and those derived from the delay of diagnosis.

The patient was 38 years old when she first went to her family doctor, having detected a nodule in her chest, and he sent her to a quick consultation with the corresponding service in 2012. The radiological report warned of the existence of a nodule of 0.6 centimeters, suggestive of “cyst with echogenic content”, recommending a clinical control.

The patient went to the hospital and the only thing that consists of this visit is a clinical note of outpatient consultations in which it is stated that the cyst is “of equal size” and is discharged from his illness “with a physical examination”. After a while, the patient was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to be operated on. He had to undergo an “axillary emptying” and post-surgical lymphedema occurred. The sentence concludes that “if the corresponding diagnostic tests had been performed, the complementary mammography in April or the repeat ultrasound in September, the exact extent of the injury could have been determined”.

Advertising in the mailbox: can it still be used?

In all cities, there are shops that use this method to promote their products or services, in fact, many food blogs like jimssteaksphilly mention that the most successful restaurants started advertising in that simple way. The companies of mail are well known for their great reputation in marketing. Barcelona is one of the most intercultural cities in the world, advertising is part of the daily life of every person who crosses any tourist area, there are in abundance. People try to sell their products and services in every corner. However, mailing companies are also well known for their techniques and marketing strategies throughout the city.

How does the mailing work?

The mailbox is used by different companies to attract potential customers. The supermarkets are the entities that most use this advertising technique, they introduce their brochures in the mailboxes of the neighbors of the area. This is one of the advantages that mass advertising cannot provide. An advertisement can never name all the offers of the month, but rather highlight a specific product that may interest some customers. Instead, a offers brochure includes all kinds of products that are in the supermarket. Sooner or later one of them will surely catch someone’s attention. In addition, that the time you have to assimilate the information is different. Mailbox marketing allows you to review the information as much time and times as you want.

Another possibility, highly efficient, is the distribution of samples. Normally small companies can not afford it, but for the multinationals, it does not suppose a great expense and the obtained results normally increase the consumption of the product. Beauty brands are experts in this marketing technique offering samples of creams, shampoo, masks, makeup, etc. This type of products is very delicate because of the impact they have on beauty. That is why many people prefer to try it beforehand to check that it adapts well to their body, skin or hair.

Forgetting the most traditional marketing techniques means losing the benefits of closer and personalized advertising.

Una vida mas verde

Hoy en día,  la vida verde nos rodea, desde edificios sostenibles hasta autos ecológicos, etc. Todos están preocupados por el medio ambiente y buscan nuevas formas de protegerlo y ahorrar dinero al mismo tiempo. A veces, “ir verde” puede significar gastar más dinero en productos y servicios de lo que nos gustaría. ¡Pero puedes ahorrar dinero mientras intentas volverse verde!

Le mostraremos algunas maneras de ser respetuoso con el medioambiente con un presupuesto. Ir verde no siempre significa invertir en pajitas de acero inoxidable en lugar de pajitas de plástico más baratas. Ahorrar el medio ambiente y ahorrar dinero a menudo va de la mano.

Aquí hay algunas maneras en que puede ponerse verde y, al mismo tiempo, ahorrar dinero:

Compre alimentos no tan frescos

A veces, los mercados y las tiendas de los agricultores tendrán productos que no son del todo perfectos ni súper frescos a precios reducidos. La comida todavía es buena para usar, especialmente si no la está comiendo fresca y la está usando en una receta con otros ingredientes. Cómprelo y ahorre dinero en comestibles y reduzca el desperdicio de comida. En podras encontrar mas lugares de comida organicos.

Desconectar y apagar

Sus dispositivos aún usan energía cuando no los está usando si los mantiene enchufados todo el tiempo. Así que desenchufa tus electrodomésticos hasta que realmente los necesites y ahorrarás energía mientras también ahorras en tu factura mensual de energía. ¿Con qué frecuencia sales de una habitación y las luces siguen encendidas? Si realmente no lo necesita, apáguelo. Muchas personas mantendrán todas las luces encendidas incluso si no están en esa habitación. Enséñeles a sus hijos estos hábitos y notará ahorros en su próxima factura de electricidad. ¡Menos consumo de energía es siempre mejor para el medioambiente!

Bolsas de comestibles reutilizables

Muchas tiendas de comestibles le darán un descuento en sus compras cuando traiga sus propias bolsas reutilizables en lugar de usar las bolsas de plástico. Ahorre dinero en sus alimentos y vuélvase verde reduciendo sus desechos de plástico. Es fácil guardar una bolsa reutilizable en su bolso o en la cajuela de su automóvil.

Cultiva tus propias hierbas

Cultiva un jardín de hierbas en el interior durante todo el año para obtener hierbas frescas. Hay muchos kits de bricolaje por ahí. Puede dejar de comprar hierbas secas en la tienda y ahorrar dinero con el tiempo. Además, piense en cultivar verduras y frutas frescas siempre que sea posible. Los productos pueden ser muy caros cuando se compran en la tienda de comestibles.

Hay formas de ahorrar dinero y ayudar al medio ambiente. Solo tienes que ser un poco inteligente y darse una vuelta. Todavía puede hacer su parte para salvar la Tierra mientras ahorra dinero para usted.